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Divorce Rates Rise In September

How you can manage expectations on your holidays

You might be looking for some of the best solicitors in family law Cheshire has to offer when you come back from your summer holidays, as it is one of the most common times of year for people to file for divorce

Coming second to the New Year period as the most common time to face family breakdown, the summer holidays are blamed for this peak. 

Difficult family dynamics can come to the forefront during the summer holiday period, as families spend a lot of time together. The peak in divorce proceedings started after Christmas is blamed, similarly, on families spending a lot of time together, and couples realising they want to split.  

Problems in the family can come into sharp focus when spending a lot of time together, and the charity Relate has released a number of tips to help families manage expectations on holidays. These include: 

Manage your expectations and don’t expect everything to be perfect as you are away from home. 

Speak about issues that are bothering you before you go. 

Try to spend some time apart on holiday.

Divide up chores fairly and spend fair amounts of time together. 

Make sure you focus on your children if you are having relationship problems. 

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If you do find that you need to seek legal advice as you are looking to split or divorce then make sure you speak to Quality Solicitors Belshaw about how we may be able to help you as you make this decision. 

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