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Hull FC's Jake Livermore Set To Sue Medic For Baby Son's Death

If you are considering pursuing a medical negligence claim in Manchester, you may be interested to learn that Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore has begun legal proceedings against a medic who was involved in the delivery of he and his girlfriend's baby boy.

Livermore's son, also named Jake, tragically died soon after being born in May 2014. The footballer alleged staff at The Portland Hospital in London made several mistakes during and after the birth.

Among the couple's allegations are that the hospital initially claimed the child was stillborn in order to avoid an inquest. They also believe an obstetrician failed to arrange an emergency caesarean, despite concerns over the baby's heart.

While a C-section was eventually carried out, Jake Junior passed away from lack of oxygen and a brain haemorrhage. Livermore and Del-Giudice have now enlisted the services of a medical negligence lawyer in order to sue obstetrician Eleni Mavrides, the Yorkshire Post has reported.

UK laws mean claimants must show a medical practitioner owed a duty of care to their patient and subsequently breached this duty. Furthermore, it must be proven that harm was caused, resulting in loss or damages.

Del-Giudice said that while The Portland Hospital conducted an internal investigation into the matter, the couple feel not enough was done to protect other families who could suffer the same fate.

"Knowing that people who I trusted to care for me and my baby and to ensure that we were safe throughout my labour, did not pick up the warning signs that Jake Junior was in distress is hard for me to accept," she explained.

According to the Yorkshire Post, Ms Mavrides' lawyers have admitted liability for the incident. 

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