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1 In 10 Funeral Organisers 'Not Named As Will Executors'

Have you ever organised a funeral?

Those embroiled in Manchester wills and probate issues at the moment will no doubt be interested to learn that one in ten people organising a funeral for a loved one were not named as executor in the will, which may well indicate that they were not the best person for the job.

SunLife's annual Cost of Dying report found that 66 per cent of those asked would not know who the deceased person in question would have chosen to organise the funeral. Furthermore, 88 per cent of people who have organised a funeral admitted that they were unsure of who to invite.

Graham Jones, core business director with the company, said it's important to share funeral wishes to make sure that you get the send-off you want and deserve.

"We know people find it hard to talk about this sensitive subject so, to help, we've set up a free service on our website called My Perfect Send-Off. It means anyone - they don't have to be a customer - can create a smart document that shows all of their send-off wishes, which they can print off and keep with their will or pass on to a loved one," he said.

Deciding whether you want a burial or cremation is only a small part of arranging your funeral plans. Take into account music, food, location - there's a lot to sort out. Prepaid funeral plans may be advisable so you know you'll get what you want and at an affordable price. This also means your family won't be left to foot the bill.

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