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60% Of Adults 'Do Not Have A Will'

Have you done yours yet?

When it comes to Cheshire wills and probate, or indeed anywhere else in the UK, it would seem that people are somewhat complacent, given new research revealing that 60 per cent of adults currently do not have a will to call their own.

According to research , 90 per cent of Britons also do not have funeral plans in place. Furthermore, of those who do have a will drawn up right now, one in four of those waited until they were above the age of 55 to have it done.

With over 30 million people in the UK yet to write a will, the research suggests that we’re a nation who tend to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to end of life planning. In order to ensure that people’s wishes are clear about who they want to benefit from their estate, it is crucial they take the right advice and put an effective will in place,.

The research also identified some of the most common triggers for drawing up a will, which included the birth of a child, the death of a family member, house purchases, the birth of grandchildren, and either getting divorced or separated.

Having a will in place is so important so that you know your wishes will be carried out when you do pass on. You should also consider a funeral plan since this can save you and your family money, and also ensure that your relatives don't have to make tough decisions at a difficult time.

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