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Animal Charities 'The Most Popular' Non-Profits In Wills

The RSPCA is by far the most popular charity in people's wills.

If you're a pet lover, you may want to leave some of your money or assets to an animal charity when writing a will in Manchester. You certainly wouldn't be alone, as new research has indicated our furry and feathered friends receive a huge proportion of charitable legacies in the country.

According to the Daily Mirror, the RSPCA is by far the most popular not-for-profit listed as a beneficiary in Brits' wills. The charity received £63.7 million in 2014, more than twice the £30.4 million left to the second-place RSPB.

Animal charities took the top four spots in the list, with Cats Protection and the Dogs Trust benefiting from £24.2 million and £24.1 million respectively. In fact, they nearly clinched the first five places, but the NSPCC managed to squeeze past the Donkey Sanctuary's £20.7 million by receiving £20.9 million.

Many of the leading people's charities in wills were focused on helping children, including Bernardo's (£16.3 million) and Save the Children (£16.2 million). Veterans' organisations the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes were donated £16 million and £8.1 million respectively.

Alex Smith, a dad who is attempting to raise money for his nine-year-old son Harrison, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, has urged people to consider giving more money to people's charities.  

"I am an animal lover but when it comes to saving a child or an animal, I’d always choose the child," he explained.

Mr Smith was involved in a controversial ad campaign earlier this year when separate photos of his son and a dog were labelled with the same message - 'Would you give £5 a month to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?'

The results showed twice as many people clicked on the link for the dog. 

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