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Why Christmas Drives Couples To Divorce

January is often known as Divorce Month.

January has long been named ‘divorce month’ as many divorce lawyers in Cheshire see their client numbers spike after the New Year, with the festive season blamed for fuelling animosity between husbands and wives.

But, what is it about Christmas that leads couples to break up once January rolls around?

- Wait till Christmas is over

Many couples who are on the brink of divorce choose to wait till the holiday season is over before seeing a lawyer to spare their children unnecessary upset over Christmas. The months leading up to Christmas are also incredibly busy, so some may simply be putting it off till they have more time on their hands in the new year to sort out arrangements properly.

- The financial strain of the season

Christmas time places a huge financial burden on many families, and arguments often reach their peak at this time of the year as a result of this. Couples who have tight monetary budgets may bicker more, feel as though they cannot trust their partner with managing their cashflow, or they may be frustrated about each other’s potential or willingness to support the family.

- New Year, New You

Many people see the new year as a chance to have a new start, and this could mean breaking up from their spouse if things are not working out. Getting a divorce could be a new year’s resolution much like joining a gym or kickstarting a diet, which is why so many more people seek legal assistance in January.

Whatever the reason, the Office for National Statistics’ latest figures show there was an increase in the number of divorces in England and Wales of 0.5 per cent from 2011 to 2012, with those aged between 40 and 44 the most likely to go through with divorce proceedings.

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