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Domestic Violence & Violence Against Women 'Climbing Since 2009'

New research has revealed crime stats may not be telling the whole story.

Despite the fact that the official message is that violent crime has been dropping since the mid-90s, new research reveals that violence against women and domestic violence have both been increasing since 2009.

The team of researchers, led by Sylvia Walby of Lancaster University, analysed data from the Crime Survey of England and Wales between 1994 and 2014. When publishing official data, statisticians will limit the number of crimes that one person can report at five, but Ms Walby believes that this excludes high frequency victims such as those who experience domestic violence, who often make up over five per cent of survey respondents, the Guardian reports.

Ms Walby looked at all reported crimes, including sex crimes, and found that the drop in violent crime reached a turning point in 2009. An overall rise in violent crime was seen as a result of the hike in violence against women by acquaintances and the climb in domestic violence, even though violence against men is falling and violence against women by strangers has plateaued.

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