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Government Pledges Funding To Relationship Breakdown Services

The government is pledging to help fund relationship counseling. Read more here.

If you’re in need of the best specialists in family law Cheshire has to offer, you may well be going through a very difficult time with the breakdown of the family unit. In that case, hopefully the government’s pledge to further support relationship services won’t be the first time you’ve heard of these initiatives.

David Cameron this week spoke of the importance of the family as the ‘best anti-poverty measure ever invented’ according to – however, some have called for the understanding that with support from specialist services, a divorced couple can still provide a stable environment to raise children.

The pledges promised increases of funding to services such as One Plus One and Relate up to £70 million – initiatives that offer relationship counselling and help for couples who are undergoing difficulties. The money is to be spent in part on training up to 10,000 professionals to offer better support for couples.

In response, the chair of mediation group Resolution Jo Edwards said that while they supported the measures, more needed to be done for separating couples. “Equal attention needs to be given to the needs of separated and separating families.. While many relationships go on to separate, their needs, and those of children, must be considered as an equal priority for the government.”

Issues such as custody, finances and contact time for parents are complicated arenas, however, with the right help in establishing co-parenting regimes with experts, a divorce does not have to have such a large impact on the lives and wellbeing of the children involved.

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