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18% Of Drivers 'Wouldn't Tell Their Insurer About Penalty Points'

Here's how to avoid being prosecuted.

If you're one of the almost seven million drivers (18 per cent of those on the road) who wouldn't let their insurance company know that they've accrued some penalty points on their licence, then you could be putting your insurance policy at risk, not to mention leaving yourself open to prosecution.

RAC Insurance figures show that 25 per cent of people who already have points on their licence did not let any organisation know when it happened. Failure to declare penalty points could invalidate your insurance policy, see you handed a hefty unlimited fine and even see you disqualified from driving.

Mark Godfrey, RAC Insurance director, observed that either motorists are just being forgetful when they fail to let the relevant authorities know about their points or they're doing so intentionally.

"In either case, the result is hundreds of thousands of drivers on our roads who are effectively uninsured by default. This could have very serious, and indeed costly implications should they be involved in an accident, and could cause no end of problems should they need to make an insurance claim themselves," he said.

You need to think about the impact that losing your licence could have on your family and your life. If you have committed a motoring offence, get in touch with Stockport criminal defence lawyers QualitySolicitors. We'll be able to guide you through each stage of the process to help you handle the stress, fear and worry that comes with a prosecution. Don't go it alone - give us a call today.

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