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What If Someone Refuses To Let You See A Will?

Anyone can apply to see a will if it's been through probate.

It’s obviously a very difficult time when someone close to you passes on and unfortunately, while you’d expect that family ties would be even closer after such an event, this isn’t always the case and disputes over wills and soneone's esate are sadly quite common.

You may find that the person in charge of settling the deceased’s affairs refuses to let you see the will in question, but there is much you can do if this is indeed the case. Did you know, for example, that if a will has been through probate, anyone at all can actually request a copy of it – and it only costs £10?

You can search for wills online at, although be aware that it can take up to ten working days for your documents to reach you.

By gaining access to the will, you’ll be able to see what – if anything – has been left to you, so even if someone is refusing to let you see it you can check for yourself to see if they’re being honest or underhand.

If you sadly discover that the person in charge of the deceased's estate is not  acting correctly, you could have a claim for breach of trust against them. If that’s the case, get in touch with Cheshire wills and probate solicitors QualitySolicitors. We can help you no matter what’s gone on and have years of experience in this particular area of the law, so you know you’ll be in the safest of hands with us. Call our specialist solicitor Andrea Belshaw today for a free intial consultation.

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