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New Trend: Divorce Cakes

Would you choose to celebrate your divorce?

It might not feel like something to celebrate when you start divorce proceedings, but a growing trend around the world would suggest that people are more than happy to celebrate the dissolution of a relationship once all the paperwork has been signed and sealed.

According to a Daily Mail report, celebratory divorce cakes are now being seen all over social media, with hundreds of people sharing pictures of their cakes on sites like Instagram to celebrate the end of their marriage.

Some of the cakes have a somewhat "unusual" theme, with brides punching grooms – and even one with a groom burying his bride in a mud cake.

This interesting trend follows that of last year which saw people coming together to take divorce selfies and holding parties after their paperwork had all gone through.

Of course, this won’t be the way that everyone feels and it may be that the very idea of throwing a party and having a divorce cake fills you with horror. Just remember that there’s no set way that you should be feeling before, during and after a divorce, and what’s right for someone else may be entirely wrong for you.

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