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Bird's Nest Custody 'Becoming More Prevalent'

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Separating and divorcing couples in the UK appear to be increasingly interested in the idea of shared custody arrangements (now known as bird's nest custody), with new research revealing that 11 per cent of such parents have chosen not to follow more traditional child custody arrangements.

Bird's nest custody involves allowing the children to remain in the family home with the parents moving in and out of the house instead, in the hope that this will prove less disruption to the children's lives.

Research figures show that 64 per cent of those asked said they expected this type of custody agreement to become increasingly common, with 16 per cent of those already divorced or separated saying that if they could do it again, they'd put such an agreement in place. And 52 per cent said they felt keeping their kids in the family home, rotating living arrangements around them, would have caused them less upset and upheaval.

This kind of arrangement was found to be appealing because the children could stay close to their school, while parents could stay close to their own friends and family. Not having to sell the house when the market was weak and having less of a commute to school were also given as reasons why bird's nest custody would have been of interest.

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