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Firearms Certificates: What You Need To Know

Remember that some firearms are completely prohibited in the UK.

If you want to own, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun you’ll need to have a firearms certificate issued to you by the police. This can be obtained by filling in an application form from your local police force or the firearms licensing unit. Your certificate will usually last five years from the date of issue or renewal.

You will also need to provide four passport photos, have two referees if you want a firearms certificate and one referee for a shotgun certificate, and be able to pay the required fee for the certificate you’re applying for.

Furthermore, you will have to prove to the chief officer of police that you are allowed to have the certificate in the first place and that you pose no danger to the peace or public safety.

Bear in mind, however, that a certificate will not be given or renewed if the chief officer of police believes for any reason that you shouldn’t be allowed to have a shotgun.

Some firearms are completely prohibited and you will not be able to obtain a licence for them if it’s an offence to possess, acquire or buy them without approval from the Home Secretary.

If you are facing revocation or non-renewal of your certificate you could benefit from seeking early legal advice from our senior solicitor  Peter Belshaw 

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