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Gwen Stefani To Keep Assets In Divorce

A court case about famous singer Gwen Stefani shows the difficulties of dividing a family's assets.

One of the biggest decisions for family lawyers in Manchester when it comes to advising clients finalising a divorce  is how to divide the couple’s assets. 

This is particularly the situation when one partner has earned considerably more than the other one during the marriage.

However, in the case of singer Gwen Stefani and British rock musician Gavin Rossdale, they have chosen not to split their assets equally.

The couple have divorced in California where each partner is entitled to 50 per cent of what was acquired during their marriage, as there was no pre-nuptial agreement. 

Rossdale, who used to be in the band Bush, has opted against fighting for half the assets, despite his 46-year-old ex-wife having earned significantly more money in recent years than he, reported.

A source told the website: “Our sources say Gavin did not press to get a big chunk of the money Gwen made from concert and record sales.”

They have, however, reached a mutually beneficial agreement when it comes to custody, dividing care for their three children equally. 

The website also alleged Rossdale has not asked for child support from his ex-wife, even though Stefani is the higher earner and he is eligible to do so. 

Their relationship broke down after 13 years of marriage and the birth of their sons Kingston, nine, Zuma, seven and Apollo, 20 months. 

It is thought Rossdale had an affair with the children’s nanny Mindy Mann.

In the UK, the judge decides how assets should be divided based on factors, such as the role of each spouse in the marriage, living expenses, standard of living, expenses, property, ages and each partner’s ability to earn. 

The judge will also arrange child maintenance payments, with the higher earner providing financial support towards the children’s living expenses. 

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