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Drug Driving Charges Up By 140%

The number of drivers charged with drug driving offences is up by over 140% since 2005.

Drug driving rather than drink driving appears to be one of the biggest problems for motorists at the moment, with new research revealing that the number of drivers charged for such an offence rose by 140 per cent around the UK in 2015. In all, some 2,090 motorists were charged with drug driving last year.

Figures from show, however that the majority of those who admit to drug driving (one in seven drivers) are doing so because of prescription medication instead of illegal drugs. In fact, 20 per cent of people do not know that it's actually an offence to drive when taking certain medication if it affects their driving. And 7 per cent of drivers with hay fever say that their driving ability has in fact been impaired because of the medication they're on, with 4 per cent saying they've had an accident after taking medicine like antihistimines.

Motoring expert with the price comparison site Matt Lloyd said: "Before taking any medication people should always read the safety leaflet before driving. Or if unsure they should ask the pharmacist or err on the side of caution and don't drive, as road safety for themselves and others should be a top priority for any driver."

He went on to add that the drug driving laws that were brought in back in March last year did seem to be having an impact on the number of people opting to drug and drive, as evidenced by the increase in arrests in the last 12 months.

These days, police have a roadside test similar to the alcohol breathalyser that allows them to detect if someone is driving under the influence of illegal drugs. If you are caught under the influence on the roads and convicted, you could be slapped with a driving ban, a fine or even a prison sentence.

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