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Ryan Giggs Faces Losing £20m To Wife In Divorce

Ryan Giggs could be facing losing half of his £40m fortune.

Footballer Ryan Giggs is likely to be seeking a lot of support from divorce lawyers in Cheshire after breakdown of his eight-year marriage.

The 42-year-old is said to be in proceedings for a formal separation from his wife Stacey, after the Manchester United star was allegedly caught flirting with a waitress and giving lavish presents to PR girl Kate Greville.

This comes after he was also involved in a cheating scandal with reality TV star Imogen Thomas, and his sister-in-law – his brother’s then wife – Natasha Giggs in 2011.

The latest allegations of flirting and cheating were said to be the last straw for Stacey, 37, who married the now Manchester United assistant manager in 2007.

Stacey could expect half of his £40 million fortune, with a 50/50 division of assets. In addition to this, she may receive child maintenance for their two children, Liberty Beau, 12, and Zachary, 10. This could amount to £200,000 per month until they are 18 years old to ensure they continue to enjoy the standard of living they are now used to.

Despite trying to make a fresh start after the confession of his eight-year affair with Natasha and six-month fling with Imogen, the couple could not get past their problems.

In 2011, Giggs tried to gag the newspapers, spending £150,000 on a super-injunction to keep them from printing stories. However, in February 2012, he lost his anonymity when rumours were leaked on social media.

Natasha and Giggs’ brother Rhodri have also divorced since the affair, after trying and failing to reconcile. They have moved on and both had baby sons with their new partners.

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