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British Children Fall Ill at 4-Star Spanish Hotel

Numerous families have fallen ill whilst on holiday at the same hotel in Menorca.

Legal proceedings have been started by numerous families after their stay at the four-star Marina Parc hotel in Menorca, Spain, was interrupted when their children fell ill with a vomiting bug – which they say ruined their trip away.

According to the Daily Mail, dozens of children were affected by the illness, such as 10-month-old Keira Kiernan whose father Kevin said had to be placed on an IV drip after the family booked a two-week stay at the hotel.

Mr Kiernan went on to condemn the actions of travel operator First Choice, which he claims only offered the family a £50 holiday voucher following their ordeal.

“It an absolute disgrace. First my daughter is seriously ill and then they try and sweep it under the carpet. They said my daughter was an isolated case but I know at least 21 other children from the same hotel that were admitted to the hospital at the same time we were there the first time,” he was quoted by the news source as saying.

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