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Ex-Model Demands £196m From Saudi Sheikh Billionaire Husband

One of Britain's biggest divorce battles in history is underway.

The settlement between former model Christina Estrada and her ex-husband Dr Walid Juffali could go down in divorce history as Britain’s biggest, as the ex-wife is demanding nearly £200 million from the Saudi sheikh.

Yesterday (June 28th), the case was taken to London’s High Court, where Ms Estrada, 54, asked for £55 million for a property and a budget of £1 million a year for clothes alone.

While this amount is likely to sound very extravagant to most British couples seeking advice from divorce solicitors in Cheshire, Ms Estrada was quoted as saying: “I was a top, international model. I have lived this life. This is what I am accustomed to.”

She justifies the huge £196 million she is asking for by stating she needs £335,558 a year to pay for staff, £100,000 a year for house maintenance, the same again for food and drink, nearly £500,000 to rent a yacht for two weeks, £2.1 million for travel, £93,793 for beauty treatments and £116,000 a year just for handbags, among other expenses.

Despite conditions of the divorce still yet to be decided, the pair began proceedings in 2013 after Dr Juffali allegedly tied the knot with another woman while still married. Ms Estrada and her ex-husband formally split in Saudi Arabia a year later.

The case has been dragged out for several years for the settlement to be negotiated. However, many couples choose to separate quickly, much like rapper Professor Green and Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh who were granted a divorce in less than 30 seconds last month.

Ms Estrada and her former spouse have one daughter together, and 60-year-old Dr Juffali – who is undergoing treatment for cancer in Switzerland and was too ill to attend court – said his ex-wife is trying to “deprive our daughter of her future inheritance in this way”. 

She has already turned down an offer of £37 million, claiming her former husband is worth around £8 billion. However, his lawyers argue his wealth is nearer £648 million instead.

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