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‘Silver Divorces’ Linked To More Inheritance Disputes

There’s a growing trend for issues arising within families with parents who divorce later in life.

When you’re thinking about the future of your estate with the best solicitors for wills Cheshire has to offer, you need to keep in mind potential disputes which may arise from multiple sides of your family. This may be easier when you have a united family unit, however, there’s a growing trend for issues arising within families with parents who divorce later in life. 

According to the Daily Mail, what they’re calling ‘silver divorces’, or divorces between those over 65, are leading to inheritance disputes between children and partners from their first and second marriages. 

With the statistics showing that 10 per cent of people over the age of 65 are now a divorcee, and some law firms have said they have seen serious inheritance disputes double in the last few years. 

Some of the problem comes from not updating wills regularly – and, of course, when a will is absent or out of date, the legal rule of intestacy sees the widower take a large portion of the sum up to £250,000. 

The disputes, according to the article, largely come from children who had expected to inherit, but are left wanting when it comes to the will in place of a second husband or wife. 

This can lead to poor family relations once you’re not around to mitigate the situation, and can leave certain family members potentially not provided for. 

If you do have a slightly more broken family tree, you need to make sure you regularly update your will with the best solicitors for wills in Cheshire. 

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