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Would You Divorce By App?

The divorce process gets a modern revamp.

In truth, there’s no replacement for the best practitioners of family law Cheshire has to offer, especially when going through difficult or complicated divorce proceedings – however, a new app is looking to cash in on those looking to achieve a divorce for the lowest price possible. 

In theory, it’s possible, however the new app called ‘amicable’ gives you a clue at the sort of people it could help. It was founded by IT consultant Pip Wilson, who thought that some of the earlier stages of the divorce process could be handled by the couple through a system, if they could come to firm agreements on disclosure and arrangements. 

“There are three stages to divorce and the first two can be done at very low cost if both parties are reasonable,” she said, according to The Guardian.  

It sounds like a risky strategy to not bring a highly trained professional solicitor on board, but the app is aiming itself squarely at those who don’t have as much at stake. The app also builds in a feature whereby if the process does break down, the couple can extract their information for a lawyer to handle. 

With the final stages of divorce proceedings need to be handled by a solicitor anyway, we’ll have to wait and see whether this particular technological advance will catch on. In the future, this sort of divorce app may be widespread, but with something as important and also difficult as a divorce, we’d recommend letting someone else be the guinea pigs.

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