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Brain Damaged Girl To Receive Seven-Figure Payout After Birth Errors

In some rare circumstances giving birth can lead to serious complications.

Giving birth is one of the most natural things to do, but it can also come with several serious complications, which may lead you to seek medical negligence claims in Cheshire.

This is what happened with teenager Megan Ridley, who developed severe cerebral palsy as a result of being starved oxygen at her birth 13 years ago, the Chronicle Live reported.

Ms Ridley’s family sued Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, claiming it failed to react to abnormalities regarding her heart rate when monitoring labour, resulting in her permanent brain damage.

Her parents Vicky and Greg said the compensation from Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust would help their daughter receive the care and equipment she needs to live a fulfilled life.

Speaking with the news provider, Vicky said: “The care package we will now receive will go a long way to making Megan’s life easier, but will never make up for the difficulties that she has faced.”

In 2011, a court found the NHS was liable for her injuries, and a settlement has now been reached. Believed to be in the seven figures, it comprises a lump sum and yearly payments for Megan’s care.

The family will use this money to move into a property that has been specially adapted for their daughter’s needs, and enlist carers and therapists to provide as much support as possible for Megan.

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