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Compensation Claims From Police Staff Revealed

See what injuries have been sustained by police in Cambridgeshire in the last five years.

Cambridgeshire Police have revealed some of the reasons behind compensation claims from police staff, including a window shutting on a finger, a collapsed desk, dog bites and an eye injury that was sustained while a cannabis factory was being dismantled.

According to the BBC, some 16 claims have been made since 2010, with over £20,000 paid out in the last five years. Shaun Ryan from the Cambridgeshire Police Federation noted that the small number of claims was positive and members of staff should be confident that their working environment is safe.

“When things go wrong, however, it is only right that officers have an avenue of recourse as anyone else would have,” he went on to say.

Of course, accidents can and will always happen but it’s reassuring to know that there is someone you can turn to if you feel you need a bit of outside help and if your accident has had a life-changing effect on you and your family.

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