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Rogue Claims Management Firms ‘Plaguing’ Brits

How many times have you been called?

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, chances are you made contact with an injury claim solicitor in Stockport or elsewhere in order to make a claim for compensation. And even if you haven’t, chances are that you’ve been contacted by a claims management company in the past, encouraging you to put a claim in.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), 83 per cent of people in the UK have actually been contacted by such a firm for this very reason, whether the compensation is for mis-sold payment protection insurance or for a personal injury after a car accident.

In all, 83 per cent also felt that it was unacceptable to be contacted by these companies without their consent, while 92 per cent of those who were called said it was irrelevant.

Action has recently been taken against rogue claims management companies, including a year-long jail term for the director of a firm who brought forth false documentation to support claims for schoolboys who had been in a car accident, even though their parents expressed that they did not want to claim since no injuries had been incurred.

“The industry fully supports genuine claimants receiving compensation in a timely and proportionate manner, which is why we have campaigned for the changes to our civil litigation system,” director of general insurance policy with the ABI James Dalton said.

If you do have a potential claim, meeting with an expert solicitor is always advisable. We here at QualitySolicitors offer free initial assessment, so you can discuss what’s happened and find out all your options.

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