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Personal Injury Claim Launched Against Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is now being sued for punching his producer.

People may be inspired to consider the assistance of Manchester injury claims solicitors after hearing how Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon is now seeking over £100,000 from Jeremy Clarkson as part of a personal injury and racial discrimination claim.

The move comes after the presenter punched Mr Tymon over a lack of hot food, resulting in Mr Tymon suffering a split lip. He is now suing Clarkson for the injuries, as well as the BBC for failing to protect him, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A recent BBC investigation into the incident concluded that Clarkson had subjected Mr Tymon to an unprovoked verbal and physical assault that lasted 30 seconds. Mr Tymon has been off work on full pay since the attack.

It is thought that Clarkson is keen to settle the matter but his solicitors, those of Mr Tymon and those of the BBC have not yet been able to reach an agreement. As such, Mr Tymon’s lawyers have now brought proceedings at the Central London Employment Tribunal.

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