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UK Cities Ranked For Personal Injury Claims

Liverpool is still the city with the highest proportion of personal injury claims relating to motor accidents.

Injury claim solicitors in Stockport and elsewhere in the north-west may find themselves busy in the coming weeks and months, with new research revealing that the top six UK cities that have the highest personal injury claims where road accidents are concerned are all in this particular region of England.

According to Institute and Faculty of Actuaries figures, 43 per cent of all road traffic accidents that take place in the north-west lead to a personal injury claim. The national average is 30 per cent.

The top six cities in the UK for such accidents leading to claims were Liverpool (55.2 per cent), Oldham (50.3 per cent), Manchester (49.4 per cent), Bolton (46.4 per cent), Wigan (46.3 per cent) and Blackburn (45.5 per cent).

“Claims management activity in the market is increasing, and not just focusing on third party personal injury claims. Third party property damage, such as damage caused to the other driver’s car, seems to be the new target.  With a 30 per cent increase in CMC turnover in the last year, the prospects look as bleak now for property damage as they did for personal injury a few years ago.  More claims cost isn’t necessarily wrong of course,” co-author of this latest report David Brown said.

This comes after the Association of British Insurers revealed that 83 per cent of people in the UK have been contacted by claims management companies in the past to encourage them to put a claim in.

Of those asked, 83 per cent said it was unacceptable to be contacted by such firms without consent, while 92 per cent said the phone call was irrelevant in any case.

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