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Musician Sues Royal Opera House For Hearing Damage

He claims his hearing has been irreversibly damaged.

A viola player is suing the Royal Opera House for damage done to his eardrums after he was sat in front of the brass section during rehearsals, which he says has ruined his career.

Speaking to the Independent,  Chris Goldscheider's solicitor – said: “It’s collapsed his ability to earn altogether. He can’t pick up an instrument when his entire life was picking up the viola at four years old. That’s the route he’d committed his entire life to.”

Mr Goldscheider says that he had to endure noises similar to a jet engine after being sat beside louder instruments on a regular basis. What’s more, he says he’s had to relocate his family to a smaller house, is suffering from depression from being unable to play his instrument and needs to wear protectors in order to carry out everyday tasks.

Apparently, the Royal Opera House has denied all responsibility for any damage done, saying in a statement that Mr Goldscheider’s claim against the organisation is a complex issue that is still under investigation.

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