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Grant Only
Grant & Administration Service
What do you get?

Discuss the issues that are concerning you about the estate and get some initial advice at no cost

Retrieve the original will from where it is being stored if required

Prepare the Oath for Executors/Administrators

Prepare the Inheritance Tax forms (legally required even if no Inheritance Tax is due)

Submit and obtain your application to the Probate Registry

Advise on the terms of the will/ intestacy rules and steps needed to properly administer the estate 



All of the Grant Only Service plus:

Arrange expert valuation of property and personal property of special value such as antiques, art and collectibles

Collect in the estate assets

Arrange payment of all debts & liabilities

Finalise the deceased’s personal tax affairs and the those of the estate

Contact all beneficiaries

Make bankruptcy searches on all beneficiaries

Make interim distributions to beneficiaries

Arrange publication of Trustee Act Notices

Arrange payment/delivery of legacies

Prepare Estate Accounts

Make final distribution to beneficiaries

Advise  on any trusts set up under the will/intestacy rules



Is it right for me? Discuss the issues that are concerning you about the estate and get some initial advice at no cost. You want some expert help and advice on your duties and responsibilities and with completing all the paperwork but are confident about dealing with the rest yourself. You want a lawyer to manage and complete the whole process to ensure that all legal formalities are completed and be assured that you have carried out your duties and responsibilities.
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When a death happens, someone has to take responsibility for the assets  of the deceased and ensure that after payment of all debts and liabilities the assets pass to the right beneficiary or beneficiaries. This is made more simple where a well drafted and up-to-date will is in place. Where there is no will or what is drafted is ambiguous or not legally valid, this can be more complex.

If you are an Executor of a will, you'll need to apply for a "Grant of Probate" to the Probate Registry which will give you the legal authority to sort out the deceased's personal and financial affairs.

If someone has died without a valid will, the "intestacy rules" will apply and these rules decide who is entitled to sort out the estate and become the "Administrator". They will need to apply to the Probate Registry for "Letters of Administration".  The rules also decide who the beneficiary or beneficiaries will be. 

If the total value of the estate is small (generally less than £5000.00) -most banks and financial institutions will release assets without a Grant of Probate but for estates over this value or where there is no will, most assets will not be released unless there is a Grant or Letters of Administration.

Applications to the Probate Registry can be made personally  without involving a lawyer but Executors and Administrators have a legal duty to carry out their obligations and responsibilities honestly and in good faith. Failure to do so can make them personally liable to creditors and beneficiaries for any losses. It's a serious undertaking and it is sensible to safeguard yourself by taking expert advice to ensure that the estate is properly administered according to the law and according to the various time limits that the law imposes.

Why choose QualitySolicitors Belshaws?

At QualitySolicitors Belshaws we know that when a loved one dies there are many decisions and arrangements that need to be made at a distressing time. That's why we have a probate service that is designed to provide sensitive but effective advice and support guiding Executors and Administrators through the legal and practical implications of bereavement without the worry of expensive legal costs.

How much will we charge?

Many lawyers charge for the time that it takes to complete all the legal work plus a percentage of the value of the estate on top but at QualitySolicitors Belshaws we're different. We can provide a fixed fee service agreed right at the start based on the complexity of the estate not its value. That way, you'll know exactly what the legal costs are going to be and not have to worry about the final bill. 

So to find out more call us now and ask for Andrea Belshaw on FREEPHONE 0800 169 9432 or 0161 477 5377