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Your Legal Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide

Know your legal rights for your last minute Christmas shopping.


Purchase online for additional protection

When you purchase goods online you get extra protection from the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

You are able to cancel and return your goods from the time you place your order to 14 days after you receive it. There doesn’t have to be a fault with the item. However be warned, this doesn’t apply to some items such as perishable items or personalised goods.


Watch for extended returns policies

Many stores will often allow an extended returns policy over Christmas depending on when you purchased the item.

Check each store as some allow you to return goods up until the 31st January, which is good for those not-so wanted gifts this Christmas.


Guaranteed delivery dates for Christmas

If you paid for delivery by a certain date or time and the goods are not delivered on time then this would be a breach of contract.

Under the Consumer Rights Act you have the right to get a refund on these items if they were later than the guaranteed delivery date.


Keep your receipt

Always try and keep your receipt. Legally, only the person who purchased the item has the right to return it so if you are purchasing it as a gift for another person see whether the store can do a gift receipt. Most stores will accept this has transferred the rights and so your giftee can get a refund.


Take any faulty goods back to store

If you buy any item that has a fault within the first six months, the retailer has the legal obligation to resolve this issue and not the manufacturer.

Within the first six months the retailer has the obligation to refund or replace the item.

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