You may have received a pre proceedings letter which outlines Social Services concerns and which invites you to attend at a meeting.  If you receive a letter like this please contact us without delay.  This letter indicates that the Local Authority is seriously considering issuing care proceedings. We can arrange an urgent appointment to hear your side of the story and we can attend at the pre proceedings meeting with you to explore whether care proceedings can be avoided.

You will be eligible for legal aid if you receive a pre proceedings letter and so paying our costs will not be something you have to worry about at this very stressful time.

We can also assist you if Social Services have invited you to attend at a child protection conference which is a meeting between parents and professionals to discuss Social Services concerns.  The purpose of a conference is for information to be shared and consideration to be given as to what steps can be taken to protect the children.

You may be eligible for legal aid if you have been invited to a child protection conference. 

If Social Services are involved with your family or have contacted you for the first time please telephone us. Our friendly and approachable solicitors will put you at ease and answer any questions you may have.