A person could be being cared for in a nursing hone, a residential home or in their own home and be eligible for this method of funding if they have a primary health need. Health Boards can often make arbitrary decisions in relation to Continuing Healthcare funding, based on the patient’s ability to pay rather than their primary health needs and assess them on a basis of any income, savings or capital assets.  As a result they may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare but are not receiving it.  

If you have a relative who has passed away but was receiving care for complex and on-going health needs prior to their death then you may be able to make a retrospective claim for NHS Continuing Healthcare and re-claim the fees previously paid by your relative from the NHS.  However, you can only make a retrospective claim for a period of care no longer than 12 months from the date of your claim.

QS J A Hughes have specialist lawyers who can assist you in making a claim either for on going care or a retrospective claim.  Work carried out by us could include assessing the likelihood of eligibility for Continuing Healthcare, registering a claim with the relevant Local Health Board, compiling the necessary evidence, liaising with the Health Board and attending any Review Hearings.

We could help you or your relative receive the package of care that you should be entitled to or recover fees that you should not have been or should not be paying for.

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