Broadly speaking, a trust is an arrangement by which at least two individuals known as Trustees, hold assets on behalf of another, known as a beneficiary.  Trusts are an excellent method of helping individuals to save tax, effectively increasing the value of your assets.  Whether you want to leave your assets to children you are not currently old enough to manage their own affairs or you feel are not ready for the responsibility, buy a buy-to-let property jointly with a friend, or pass some of the value in your business to your children, a Trust can help in all of these situations.

At QS J A Hughes we can help with the setting-up of trusts, provide you with advice on how to deal with HM Revenue and Customs and the costs associated with setting up a trust and continue to advise you on it’s running in the long-term.

If you require any information or assistance in relation to setting up or running a trust, please contact our specialist team today on 01446 411000.