There are two different types of Deputyship Orders; one for property and finance and the other for personal wellbeing and healthcare, the latter being much less common.

Once someone has lost capacity then in most cases they will not be capable of dealing with their own financial and someone will need to be appointed to deal with these on their behalf.  A Deputyship Order, granted by the Court of Protection, will appoint someone, normally a family member or solicitor, as the incapacitated person’s Deputy and they will have the responsibility of looking after that person’s property and finances.  Their role will vary from dealing with their day to day expenses to possibly selling their property if they have to go into care.

The application process is quite extensive and can be rather daunting so here at QS J A Hughes we can help you decide who would be the most appropriate Deputy and help with all aspects of applying to the Court of Protection from completing the relevant paperwork and submitting the same to the Court.

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