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As part of our commitment to the promotion of the principles and values of Equality & Diversity, and in line with our regulatory requirements, we have collected diversity data from our staff. The data is used to test the effectiveness of our Equality & Diversity Policies, and to ensure that our firm benefits from as diverse and inclusive workforce as possible. 

Data Collection Process

In order to collect this data, we used a Law Society approved questionnaire which was provided to our staff. The questionnaire was optional for staff to complete, which means that where some staff chose not to complete them, then we did not include them in our data analysis. There was also an option for each of the questions contained in the questionnaire for staff to select “Prefer not to say” where they felt any given question was intrusive or an invasion of their privacy. 

Privacy and Data Protection

While considering the method for publication of our diversity information, we took guidance from the Solicitors Regulation Authority “Publication Framework.” This document makes statements about how any reported data must not breach the Data Protection Act, or invade the privacy of any of the personnel who completed an Equality & Diversity Questionnaire. To this end, where it is believed by us that it would be possible for any one individual to be identified from a particular piece of data or information, we have either; • Changed the data set to eliminate the risk of the individual being identified, or • In some cases may not publish the data about a given diversity category. • In all cases apart from the data regarding roles, we have not broken down the data by role type

Data Categories Contained Within This Report

This report contains information about the following;

  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Type of role within the firm
  5. Religion or belief 6 Gender identity
  6. Disability (according to Equality Act)
  7. School type from 11 to 16
  8. Did parents attend university
  9. Day-to day limitation to activities because of health problem or disability lasting 12 months
  10. Primary carer for a child under 18
  11. Time spent providing unpaid care for those with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age
  12. Profession of parents 

Results are shown as a percentage

Click here to download our Diversity Infographic report.

Annual Review

The diversity data of the firm will be collected annually, and reviewed by a Director to ascertain whether the firm is achieving its aspirations to have an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Equality & Diversity Policy 

We are happy to provide a copy of our Equality & Diversity Policy on request. The can be done by requesting a copy from the Reception areas of any of our offices.

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