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Meet the Wills lawyer: Duncan Kennedy

This October we are celebrating Will Month, which means we are offering those aged 55+ a free professionally drafted single or mirror Will as part of our Barnardos partnership scheme. So, we thought we would catch up with Duncan, our Head of the Private Client Department, who specialises in Wills, probate, trusts, tax planning and Court of Protection matters.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document, which sets out how you want your estate to be divided on your death, and who you wish to deal with the sometimes-complex matter of the administration of your estate.


Why draft a Will?

  • When you make a Will you (and not the law) can say what will happen to your possessions and assets when you die. 
  • You can specify how your funeral should be dealt with.
  • You can state who you wish to look after the administration of your estate and carry out the terms of your Will and appoint guardians for infant children.


What happens if I die without a Will?

The law sets out who is to benefit, and this very much depends on the relatives that survive you and it is not always the case that a surviving spouse (or civil partner) gets everything.  Indeed, in these days of ever-increasing property prices it is quite likely that the surviving spouse (or civil partner) will not get everything and will have to share the estate with others. It is vitally important for unmarried couples to make Wills as the law does not automatically recognise partners as having the same rights as spouses or civil partners.


If you are aged 55+ and don’t currently have a Will, book an appointment with us today for your free professionally written Will:

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