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Kirstie Thomas joins our litigation team

We are pleased to announce that Kirstie Thomas has joined our litigation team at the Barry office as a Civil Litigation Legal Executive.

Kirstie specialises in personal injury, medical negligence, occupational disease and civil litigation matters.

Personal injury

Under the UK law everybody is protected if they have suffered personal injury as a result of another person’s negligence.

As a specialist in personal injury, Kirstie upholds the legal rights of clients who have suffered injury as a patient or as an employee. She also handles claims for road traffic accidents, accidents that have occurred in a public place such as a fall that was a result of a defective pavement, attacks from animals, and more.

Whatever the cause of personal injury, Kirstie works hard to achieve the fairest outcome and level of compensation for all her clients.


Medical negligence

Medial negligence occurs when a medical professional fails to provide the care that they should. All medical professionals have a legal duty as well as a moral commitment to make sure their patients receive high quality care.

Cases include birth injuries, orthopaedic injuries, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and surgical mistakes. Medical negligence can mean a patient’s condition gets worse or they suffer additional injury or illness as a result.

By taking the time to understand what her clients are going through, Kirstie makes sure they receive a level of compensation that improves their quality of life.  She also helps clients to access rehabilitation and support services and to get the answers and apology they deserve.


Occupational disease

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 employers have a duty to protect their employees from risks in the workplace.

Employers can meet their duty by making sure employees have the right equipment to do their job, by providing personal protective equipment, by ensuring the employee takes enough breaks and is not engaged in repetitive tasks for too long, or by providing training so the employee can manage certain risks themselves.

Kirstie helps clients who have suffered a range of occupational diseases as a result of their employer’s failure to meet their legal duties. Examples of occupational disease are induced hearing loss, occupational asthma, repetitive strain injury, chemical poisoning and osteoarthritis.

Kirstie advises clients and their families throughout the claims process and afterwards to ensure they receive compensation and ongoing practical support.


Kirstie’s background

Kirstie studied Law at Cardiff University achieving a 2:1 and completed the CILEx training course at CILEx Law School in 2018.

She began her career working as a paralegal in a civil litigation firm working in-house for an insurer client.

Kirstie then worked for a civil litigation firm as a legal executive, specialising in occupational disease and litigation matters.


Whether you have suffered personal injury through medical negligence, through your employment or through any cause that was not your fault, our litigation team are here to uphold your rights. Contact us on 01446 411 000/


Kristie Thomas
Legal Executive

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