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Industrial disease claims


It is possible to bring a claim for contracting (at work) asthma or other lung conditions such as bronchitis, emphysema and pneumoconiosis (a range of diseases caused by the inhalation and retention of dust in the lungs). Your employer owes you a duty to ensure that you are not exposed to breathing in unsafe fumes, chemicals, flour or dust at work.

Exposure to asbestos may lead to more significant symptoms.


A skin condition such as dermatitis or scarring may give rise to a valid claim being brought against your employer. Click here for more information


There are other injuries that can be sustained at work that do not arise out of a one off accident. These could include injuries caused by carrying out repetitive movements such as a lot of heavy lifting. The types of injuries that can be sustained include:

  • Bursitis – inflammation of soft tissue between bone and skin (or tendon in the shoulder or elbow causing swelling and pain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – usually pain, numbness and tingling sensation in the hand and wrist. It is thought to be linked to repeated bending of the wrist.
  • Cellulitis – Also known as “beat hand”, this condition occurs as a result of repeated bruising to the same area which then becomes infected. The main symptoms are pain and swelling. Occupational links include repeated use of manual tools (particularly in a hammering or digging motion) and the presence of dust or dirt.
  • Epicondylitis – This specifically refers to an inflammation of the area where a tendon is joined to a bone. Where it occurs at the elbow it is referred to as tennis elbow. The principal symptoms are pain and swelling. It is linked to repeated strenuous activity particularly involving lifting or carrying.
  • Ganglion – This refers to a cyst which may occur in a joint or a tendon sheath. It is thought to arise from repeated hand movements and is usually painless. A small swelling may be visible.
  • Osteoarthritis – When the joints are over-loaded over a long period scarring occurs and there may also be an excess growth of bone. This gives rise to osteoarthritis which is associated with aching in the joints and a consequent reduction in flexibility and mobility.
  • Tendinitis – Sufferers of this condition experience inflammation of the tendons. It can make certain movements difficult and painful. There may be swelling and tenderness and in certain cases severe pain. It may arise as a result of a wide range of repeated movements including non-strenuous motions.
  • Tenosynovitis – This condition goes a stage further than tendinitis because in this case not only does the tendon become enflamed but also its surrounding sheath. It is sometimes associated with a change in the working pattern or an increase in workload.
  • Trigger finger – This specifically relates to an inability to move the fingers and/or thumb smoothly. Movement may be associated with pain and the fingers may lock in position. It occurs as a result of inflammation of the tendons and/or tendon sheaths in the fingers and/or thumb.
  • Vibration white finger/hand-arm vibration syndrome - A claim can be brought for vibration white finger, also known as hand-arm vibration syndrome, if it can be proved that the condition is related to over-exposure working with vibrating tools.

Symptoms are commonly whitening of the fingers which become cold and numb. The attacks can last anywhere from mere minutes up to a couple of hours. The condition is not treatable but may improve on its own in some cases.

If you have suffered a disease type symptoms as explained above then you should You need to act quickly and we recommend that you do contact our expert lawyers for free no obligation advice on 01392 285000.

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