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Do you need assistance with criminal proceedings?

Have you been accused of a crime? If so, we can assist you through an often-daunting process.

We provide advice and support for a wide range of offences including (but not limited to): -

  • Assaults
  • Drug offences
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Sexual Offence
  • Murder and manslaughter

We understand that anyone can find themselves accused of a crime and we provide our service with a personal touch. We use our knowledge and experience to always aim to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

If your matter progresses beyond the police station, we can assess if you are eligible for legal aid and complete the necessary application. If you are not eligible for legal aid, we provide competitive private rates. 

If you or anyone you know requires assistance do not hesitate to contact us today on 01446 411000 for more information. 

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