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Is a DIY divorce really the cheapest option?

Is a DIY divorce really the cheapest option? Many of these divorces are leading to future claims and expenses.

In the current climate it is not uncommon for a couple going through a separation to opt for a DIY divorce. This is done with the aim to save time and legal expenses.

Although these DIY divorces seem like the cheaper option at the time, they are actually generating more work in the future for family law solicitors, which of course incurs more costs.

Couples choosing this route are often making significant mistakes in the process which is leading to unfair or unresolved financial settlements, this is creating an opportunity for future claims.

Couples often believe that because they have the divorce decree that the process is complete and can be forgotten about, but realistically either party can make a claim in the future if no court order has been made dealing with the financial matters.

Quality Solicitors Large and Gibson offer professional legal help with your divorce, we make sure we cover everything during your divorce proceedings to ensure no claims or costs occur in the future.

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