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Who can see a Will after a person dies?

Posted on June 15, 2023

When a person dies, it can be a difficult and emotional time for all involved. However, there are also some practical matters that need to be dealt with such as locating the person’s Will to ensure their estate is managed how they wanted. But it’s important to note that not just anyone is entitled to access and read a persons Will.

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What is an executor of a will?

Posted on June 13, 2024

What is an executor of a will? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Role

An executor of a will is a person appointed by the testator (the person who makes the will) to administer their estate after death. Being named as an executor in a will is a significant responsibility, reflecting the trust placed in you by the testator. The role comes with a host of duties that are critical to ensuring the wishes of the deceased are honoured, and the estate is distributed according to the will. But what exactly does an executor’s role involve, who is eligible to be named as an executor, and is it possible to renounce this duty? Discover the answers in our comprehensive guide.

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Child Custody and Divorce: Prioritising Your Child's Best Interests

Posted on February 7, 2024

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charged process for all parties involved, and when children are part of the equation, the complexity and impact on their well-being become even more profound. Navigating child custody arrangements during a divorce requires careful consideration, empathy, and a commitment to prioritising the well-being of the children. At QualitySolicitors Large and Gibson, we emphasise that the key to a successful resolution lies in putting the children's needs first and striving to reach agreements that work for everyone.

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