Funerals, like weddings are often a focal point for family fall out. Simmering family feuds burst into the foreground and would-be disgruntled beneficiaries cannot hide their feelings.

When someone dies, leaving a Will, disagreements may arise about who or what is included and who may have been ignored. You might question the validity of a Will or there may not even be a Will.

Because the matter can often be very personal and close to home, sometimes the best way to turn is to some independent legal advice. QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson can help you sort things out the right way, with minimal upset, so you can have total peace of mind.

We provide clients with calm, friendly and professional advice. It is our aim to help you feel completely at ease, we will be able to discuss what your rights are, what options are available to you or how you can defend or protect yourself or your family's interests.

Please contact us to discuss your options.