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Compromise agreements

If your employment ends, it can be a time of uncertainty. A Compromise Agreement may be required to protect your rights, and help you agree on closure with your employers. Here at QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson, we offer comprehensive employment law services and can help to negotiate an agreement that is representative of your value.

What are Compromise Agreements?

  • A compromise agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee.
  • Employee receives consideration, which is often a negotiated monetary sum.
  • Once signed, it means that the employee will have no further claim against their employer as a result of any breach of company statutory obligation by the employer.
  • To validate compromise agreements, make them legally binding, independent legal advice from a lawyer must be given.

Compromise agreements can be required when the decision is made to end employment, Disputes can arise over the decision to dismiss, directors can fall out over business strategy or investment decisions. If your position is no longer tenable in your employment, you are being forced out or forced to resign, you will want to seek legal advice. Talk to us about your situation before signing your compromise agreement.

At QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson, we have a team of specialist Employment lawyers that will:

  • Explain what a Compromise Agreement is, in plain English, no legal jargon
  • Make sure you know what you are agreeing to before you sign
  • Determine the value of your claim
  • Explain your options, helping you achieve a mutually acceptable outcome

Quality Solicitors Large & Gibson have been offering Employment Law advice to people from Portsmouth, Hampshire and beyond for many years. If you have an employment query contact Large & Gibson for fast advice that's friendly and local.

To help you resolve your dispute, and to talk about compromise agreements, call us today on 02392 296 296.

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