Our pricing policy

We provide a range of legal services, across a number of different areas, for which our policy is to:

  • charge you a fair price for the work done
  • be clear and transparent about our pricing
  • give you the best information we can about pricing both at the start and during your case

Where possible, we will charge you a fixed price for the work done.  In other cases, we will give to you the best estimate we can at the outset,and give you regular updates about fees as the case progresses.

Some of the work we do is priced at an hourly rate. Our prices reflect the type of case, its complexity and also the experience of the case worker dealing with it. We will inform you of our hourly rates on which you be charged VAT. Our hourly rates may be subject to change from time to time, in which case you will be informed in advance of any change. 

Inevitably , an estimate of costs is  an approximation, depending on the  anticipated amount of work involved and the time likely to be spent on your case.

During the progress of a case, sometimes circumstances can change, perhaps unforeseen complications will arise and this may necessitate a review of our initial quote. Where it is necessary, during your case, to review our fees this will be done in consultation with yourself.

To carry out the required work on your case, we may incur expenses ( often called disbursements ) payable to third parties on your behalf. Where possible, these expenses will be identified to you at the outset and are additional to the price quoted for our services. 

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