We know that no relationship and no family are the same. Whether you are living together, married or separated, whether you or your partner have children, step-children or adopted children; there may be times where you need help and advice from an expert family law solicitor.

Our highly experienced legal teams will talk to you about your unique situation and work hard to understand how we can help and how to reach a happier resolution quickly.

Our family law solicitors have in-depth legal knowledge of all aspects of family law and provide accurate, honest and sympathetic legal advice dealing with both the practicalities whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture- how you feel about your situation, your feelings and emotions are just as important.

QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson know what clients find most helpful,

  • We offer free initial over-the-phone advice
  • We will explain the costs and timescales involved in your situation up front
  • We promise direct lawyer contacts and no hidden costs 

If you’re looking for confidential and friendly family law advice, contact us and speak to an experienced family law solicitor today.