Possession Orders & Our Prices

At QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson our expert team are on hand to help you through the eviction process and gain possesion of your residential property. 

Our pricing for obataining possession orders of residential property

For preparation of a notice requiring possession (whether section 8 or section 21 Housing Act 1988 as amended) - £100 excluding v.a.t.

Our estimate of fees for residential possession proceedings pursuant to Grounds 8, 10 and 11 (rent arrears) - £900 excluding v.a.t. and expenses

Our estimated fees for possession proceedings under the Accelerated Possession Procedure (section 21) - £600 plus v.a.t. and expenses

What is covered

  • Preparation of the claim form and particulars of claim;
  • Rent arrears cases, preparation of the witness statement(s);
  • Rent arrears cases, preparation and attendance at the first court hearing only;
  • In section 21 cases, applying for an order for possession/order for costs without a hearing;
  • In either case applying for a warrant of possession;


The above estimate of fees covers a straightforward undefended claim for possession.  Where the case is defended, more work and expense will therefore be involved.  In that eventuality we will advise you further on the likely fees and expenses.

In cases under the accelerated possession procedure, where the defendants apply to postpone possession on grounds of exceptional hardship, and where the court fixes a hearing for this we will charge an estimated fee for attendance and representation at the hearing of £250 excluding v.a.t. and expenses.



Disbursements are expenses we incur on your behalf payable to third parties.  For example:

  • Court fees
  • Travelling and car parking


How long does the process take?

The time for service of a section 8 notice requiring possession (rent arrears) is 14 days. The time for a section 21 Notice is 2 months.

The estimated time from the issue of a claim for possession and obtaining a possession order in an undefended case is about 12 weeks.  

An order for possession under the accelerated possession procedure is usually quicker to obtain because it does not usually necessitate attendance at a court hearing.

The process will take longer where the proceedings are defended. We will be able to give you a more accurate timescale as the matter progresses.

Obtaining possession will take longer where it is necessary to apply for a warrant of possession to evict the tenant.


Written terms and conditions of business

Written terms and conditions of business, including more information about services and charges (including hourly rates), are available on request. 



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