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Living together

More and more couples are choosing to live together and share their lives without getting married. And whilst emotionally, you may feel no different to a married couple; under the law, couples that live together without getting married do not share the same legal rights as those who marry. This can make things difficult if the relationship breaks down in the future particularly in regards to finance and property. And if children are involved, it’s important to protect their future too.

Living together and Cohabitation Agreements

We all know that when you are living together and in a happy relationship, thinking about would happen if that relationship broke down is the last thing on your mind  and so you might not think about planning for that possible situation. You can however put something in place in case of relationship breakdown by creating a living agreement, sometimes called a cohabitation agreement.

Many people find that it’s much easier to form this agreement whilst in a strong, loving relationship rather than dealing with the consequences of a complicated break up at a later date.

A cohabitation agreement will give you the peace of mind that however your relationship may change in the future, both people will be legally protected. You’ll know where you stand and if the worst happens and your relationship does break down, the legal implications will be one less thing to worry about.

We’ve helped lots of couples create cohabitation agreements. QualitySolicitors Large and Gibson understand that every couple is different and so we’ll take the time to get to know you so that we can draft an agreement that reflects your own circumstances. It will protect both people and detail your responsibilities in the event of a break up.

Owning property together and Declarations of Trust

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Across the country and particularly in Portsmouth and Hampshire, more  people own property with partners, friends, family and third parties. Many do not know that they are able to set out their 'share' of the property or what would happen to the property or the sale proceeds of the property if that relationship broke down in an agreement known as a Declaration of Trust.

We have helped many married and unmarried couples as well as friends and family protect their interests in property with Declarations of Trust. They do not need to be expensive or complicated but can save all parties much stress and conflict in the future.

For confidential, friendly advice about living together, Cohabitation Agreements and Declarations of Trust- contact QualitySolicitors Large and Gibson today.

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