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The State of Pensions in 2012

Over 80% of private landlords in Britain intend to use their buy to let properties to see them through retirement instead of relying on a pension.

A survey has recently been done by the BDRC Continental into 'Independent Landlords' which has showed that 1 in 4 plan to sell their properties in their portfolio or live off the rental income during their retirement instead of relying on a pension.
Although Landlords may think they can count on their property as apposed to their pension pot, they should not forget the maintenance and running costs that come with buy to let properties.
Figures have also been announced by the Council of Mortgages Lenders that one in eight mortgages are now buy to let loans.
Beals The Independent Estate Agents and Letting Agents had a 'Buy to Let' – 'Let to Buy' evening at their Southsea Branch last week. This was attended by QualitySolicitors Large and Gibsons Richard Wootton, Dan Deathers and Olivia Harrill. This evening was to discuss and receive specialist advice on many aspects of the complex investment market.
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