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Court Fees - New Announcement!

Ding ding, last orders at the bar: last day to get your claim to court before substantial fee increase

Large & Gibson’s litigation department has had a very busy couple of days since the House of Lords approved the Civil Proceedings and Family Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2015 which substantially increases court fees in civil action cases, coming into force on Monday 9th March.

So what are the changes?

•             The fee for claims from £10,000 - £199,999 will be 5% of the claim.

•             The fee for claims £200,000 and above will be fixed at £10,000.

•             A maximum fee to issue proceedings will be set at £10,000. This limit will also apply to unspecified value money claims.


If a claim is received in a fit state to issue on or before today (Friday 6 March 2015) the old fees will apply.  Any applications received in time but returned due to an error, will attract the new fee.

small claims courts fees (of £10,000 or less) remain the same.

The changes have added fuel to the fire up for those concerned about access to justice and the protection and funding of our legal system, the debate rages on.

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