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Pre-nup's - Are they unfair and unromantic?

“I am getting married later this year. People are saying to me that we should have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement - would it be unfair or unromantic to suggest this to my other half? I don’t want our marriage to get off to a bad start!”

Whether you are about to marry or have tied the knot and are living happily with your spouse, it can feel unromantic to think about what would happen if you split up. In some circumstances however it is sensible to ensure that certain financial assets – such as a business or inheritance – are secured for your future.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (where you draw up an agreement before marrying) and Post-Nuptial agreements (where you reach an agreement after marriage) give you this peace of mind. They can cover all of your assets or just key elements that you want to protect.
There are various reasons why you might want a Pre or Post-Nuptial Agreement, including:

  • To avoid uncertainty and arguments over finances if your relationship ends 
  • To protect money or assets that you have inherited and want to stay within your family
  • To preserve assets for any children from a previous relationship
  • To ensure you retain control of a business
  • To protect yourself from being liable for any debts your partner has

With decades of experience in UK family law, we can advise you on your options. We have worked on cases of all sizes, including many where one or both parties have significant wealth. Whether or not you have complicated assets or financial interests relating to previous relationships, we can help you arrange a Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial agreement that suits you.

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