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Changes to Social Care means careful consideration for all our clients

For many years at Large & Gibson we have helped clients plan for their futures. Whether it be commercial, property, family or private client matters we are proud to help you through any situations which life may generate.

Our expertise in helping people future-proof includes wills, lasting powers of attorney and long-term care planning. Recent Government planning has thrust the Social Care sector into the forefront of our clients’ minds. Our specialists can help with this.

In this article we shed light upon the proposed changes. It is important to be aware that we have not considered any health care assessment requirements in this article.


The current system

The current system for care funding assessment will remain in place until October 2023. Think of the current system as working down towards a capital level – at present a person pays for their care until their eligible capital comes down to a level of £23,250. At this point the Local Authority will provide financial assistance towards care costs. This means that anyone with eligible capital over £23,250 pays entirely privately for their care.

The new system

Think of the new system as working up to a level of payments -  the promise from the Government that from October 2023 no eligible person starting adult social care will have to pay more than £86,000 for personal care over their lifetime. The new capital limit of £100,000 means that anyone with assets over this level will not be eligible for local authority assistance with regard to care fees. Provided that they register, however, they will not have to pay more than £86,000 for personal care over their lifetime.

It is hugely important to note that this promise does not include daily living costs which may make up a significant proportion of the costs of care.

Can’t I just give my assets away to avoid care fees?

A common question that we hear based upon people wanting to reduce their capital to avoid care fee payments. This is fraught with danger for a number of reasons and a step which should not be taken without clear, independent legal advice.

What should you do?

Now that social care is in the spotlight why not take this chance to consider your own affairs. Our experts can help you plan for your future.


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