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  • Posted on December 18, 2013
    Now pantomime season is in full swing we wanted to think about the lessons learned from some of the heroes and villains of our favourite tales.

    Cinderella: Unfortunately for Cinders, her father died intestate so the estate passed to her wicked step mother and will undoubtedly be passed to those ugly step sisters of hers.

    Snow white: Now that she’s moved in with the dwarves is she an excluded occupier or a full tenant? If she’s a tenant, how are the dwarves going to evict her?

    Sleeping Beauty: She’s moved into the palace. Is she paying towards the mortgage and if so does she need advice about co-ownership?

    Rapunzel: does she have an industrial injury claim? That spinning wheel can do some real damage.

    Hansel and Gretel: I hope the new buyers get a proper survey and searches done on that house before they exchange, it is made of food materials after all. Just a thought, is the oven included in fixtures and fittings?

    We all wish for a fairy tale endings, but without an audience shouting to help, ‘he’s behind you’, when you’re short of fairy god mothers or you’ve realised your patio has actually been paved with gold...effect, and that lamp has been rubbed paper thin, come and speak to one of our expert legal advisors at Quality Solicitors Large and Gibson to see how we can help you achieve a happier ever after.

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